It’s tough to get your message to stand out these days.  Customers are quick to sort their mail into two piles. READ vs. TOSS. Your message, wrapped in a colored envelope, will immediately catch their eye and convey a mood.  By using a colored envelope, you have created another opportunity to get their attention.  In other words, you have increased your chance to land in their READ pile.

There is a whole science behind color and mood.  Color is used in various ways to convey messages or moods in company logos, the color of waiting rooms, and the sets for movies or television shows. Take advantage of this science and get your mailings noticed.

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Colored Envelopes

Colored Envelopes: Customize Your Options from Ohio Envelope

Ohio Envelope creates colored, custom-sized envelopes in seven colors.  We keep these colors in-stock, enabling us to fulfill your order quickly.  Our color choices include ivory, pink, blue, gray, green, yellow, and cream.

Our colored envelopes are made of high quality, 24# wove paper.  They are custom sized to your specifications and custom windows are available.

Our colored envelopes can be printed as well!  Again, adding another chance to send your customer an immediate impression of the information contained inside and why they need to read it.

Finally, our colored envelopes come in a variety of closure options.  They are available in peel & seal, self-seal, string & button, metal clasp, or regular remoistenable gum.

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Give your customers a glimpse of what’s inside with custom colored envelopes.  Quality is our top priority with the quick turn-around time you need. Since 1935, Ohio Envelope has gone above and beyond to deliver the products you and your customer will appreciate.

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