No matter the message, the right Custom Sized Envelopes serve as the recipient’s first impression of your business, event or sentiment. That’s why Ohio Envelope takes great pride in our envelope printing services. We ensure that your message—whether it is a direct mail offer or charity ball invitation—makes an impact.

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Custom Sized Envelopes

Stand Out With Custom Sized Envelopes

Whether your No. 1 goal is to get prospects to open your advertisement, avoid extra postage fees, or simply deliver a beautiful communication, the right envelope size can make all the difference. And, unfortunately, not every envelope size or solution is available directly off the shelf.

At Ohio Envelope, we work tirelessly to ensure your dream parcel can be delivered in the exact manner you desire—and that means creating custom-sized envelopes, no matter the challenge.

We can manufacture small sized envelopes from a #1 coin (2.25″ x 3.50″) up to a 10″ x 13″ booklet envelope or a 12″ x 15.5″ catalog envelope—and every size in between. Custom cutouts? Of course. Whatever you can dream up, we can deliver.

Custom Sized Envelopes for Every Need

Unless you are sending a personalized greeting card, the mail you send likely includes an important inquiry for which you would like a response. Sometimes, the success of your campaign, business or wedding depends on it!

Custom Sized Envelopes can be the perfect way to get the attention your message needs. Here are just a few of the ways our services can help:

Get Eyeballs on Your Ads

For marketers and advertisers, you know the name of the game is getting people to engage with your content. But this has become more difficult as direct mail piles higher and digital ads become more expensive. One medical manufacturer overcame this challenge by sending their collateral to busy physicians in luxurious, custom-sized envelopes that mimicked association communications. This way, the doctors would not overlook the delivery as junk and toss it into the recycling. What will resonate with your audience?

Set the Tone for Your Wedding

Your wedding will be as unique as you are. And one of the first clues as to what guests can expect will be your save the date and/or invitation. Custom-sized envelopes can give a hint to your decor or theme, all while showcasing just how memorable the event will be. Not getting married? Every event deserves a one-of-a-kind invitation!

Garner Donations For a Low Cost

Everyone knows fundraising can be the hardest part of a non-profit’s existence. Fundraising Tips. But board members can rest easy knowing their asks will not go unnoticed when they utilize custom-sized envelopes for mailers, event invitations and even raffle giveaways. If you are the head of fundraising for a charity, let our Custom Envelope Printing get your messaging to the top of the pile.

From business to events and everything in between, our custom-sized envelopes help your message stand out. Ready to get a quote? Click here.