Do you offer custom-sized envelopes?

Yes, Ohio Envelope offers custom-sized envelopes ranging from #1 coin (2-¼” x 3-½”) to 10” x 13” booklet and 12” x 15-½” catalog envelopes. We can manufacture any custom size with our stock of over 600 cutting dies and our adjustable die cutter!

What kinds of envelope printing capabilities does Ohio Envelope have?

Ohio Envelope can print up to 4-color lithographic envelope printing and up to 2-color flexographic envelope printing.

What kinds of specialty envelopes can you manufacture?

In addition to 4-color envelope printing and our wide range of sizes, Ohio Envelope can manufacture metal clasp envelopes, string and button envelopes, peel and seal envelopes, and self-seal or latex envelopes.

Can you manufacture envelopes from pre-printed flat sheets?

Yes, Ohio Envelope is capable of envelope converting from pre-printed stock.

Can you print my company’s logo on an envelope?

Yes, Ohio Envelope is capable of up to 4-color envelope printing. We can print anywhere on the envelope including specialized custom inside tints for added security!

Do you serve regions outside of Cleveland?

Yes, among others, we service Columbus, Cincinnati, Youngstown, Pittsburgh, Erie, Buffalo, Virginia and Northern Kentucky regularly. We are always open to discussing serving additional markets.