No office is complete without a stack of metal clasp envelopes ready for employee use. This traditional go-to office item is considered a must-have for a reason: they are reliable every time. But there is more benefits to metal-clasp envelopes than meets the eye. We know you’re already using metal clasp envelopes, but here are four ways to expand your view while improving efficiencies, organization and customer retention.

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Metal Clasp Envelopes

What You Can Accomplish With Metal Clasp Envelopes

From streamlining piles of papers to taking a step toward a greener Earth, here are a few ways to improve your life—professionally or personally—with the help of a metal clasp envelope supplier.

  1. Stay Organized: Reports. Documents. Proposals. So many papers, so little space. In fact, the average work space is shrinking. Up until about 2008, each employee was allotted about 125 square feet of workspace. Today, that figure is only 50 square feet. When you handle briefs and bundles, you need the organizational power of metal-clasp envelopes to keep your (tiny) desk manageable.
  2. Avoid Mishap Mixups: All those people working in close quarters means bumping into people (literally) happens. Should you drop your papers…and they are not secured in metal-clasp envelopes…that proposal is bound to get mixed in with that annual report. Don’t let this embarrassing mistake happen at your next board meeting. Secure your papers with the help of a manila envelope.
  3. Keep Customers Happy: In 2017 alone, there were nearly 179 million records exposed due to about 1,500 data breaches. Consumers are more protective of their data than ever before. When you are mailing sensitive information, such as that insurance quote you’re working on, best to deliver via opaque, secure envelopes like the metal clasp envelopes offered in bulk at Ohio Envelope Manufacturing Company.
  4. Go Green(er): Unlike your standard envelope, metal clasp envelopes have the potential to be reused. This means not only are you saving money, but you are keeping paper out of landfills. The Earth thanks you.

Not All Metal Clasp Envelopes Are Equal

At Ohio Envelope, we can add a reusable metal clasp to any sized envelope (#1 Coin to a 10 x 13 Booklet to a 12-1/2 x 15 Catalog). Our loyal customers rely on our team’s proven ability to provide exceptionally fast quotes and industry-leading delivery speed—even for large orders. Plus, our deep experience means we’ll save you time and money by getting orders right the first time.


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