Your biggest asset is your employees. From manufacturing to technology to services such as accounting and marketing, your employees are what drive your product or platform forward. Privacy matters to your team and you can assure that confidential payroll information is secure. One simple way is to choose the right supply partner for your payroll envelopes.

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Payroll Envelopes

Why Payroll Envelopes Matter

Payroll Envelopes Can Keep Employees Engaged

Did you know 71% of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company’s success? In a world where nearly every transaction can be made online—scheduling, ordering and, of course, direct deposits—the idea of holding something tangible in your hands is more important than ever. While employees may opt to have their checks sent directly into their checking accounts, there is no better feeling of satisfaction then being handed a check for payment of your hard work.

Consider offering the option to pay your employees with a physical check, delivered in an official, high quality, secure payroll envelope. With this bimonthly check in, employees are consistently reminded of your dedication to their career development, growth and commitment to succeeding together.

If cutting physical checks for payroll is no longer an option, you can accomplish the same engagement levels on a less frequent basis when you reimburse employees for travel or purchases. Simply print your reimbursement check, place it in a secure payroll envelope and hand it over. You will no doubt see a smile on their face.

Payroll Envelopes Tell Employees You Value Their Privacy

Unless you are sending a personalized greeting card, the mail you send likely includes an important inquiry for which you would like a response. Sometimes, the success of your campaign, business or wedding depends on it!

Payroll Envelope Benefits and Features

At Ohio Envelope, quality is our top priority, and we go above and beyond to deliver products you and your employees will appreciate.

We offer several benefits and options for your payroll envelopes, including:

  • Ease of Use: Our payroll envelopes perfectly fit QuickBook and computer-printed checks, so you’re never left fumbling—or wasting time—inserting checks.
  • Security You Can Count On: Get your order with or without inside security tint. Additionally, only addresses will be visible through the double-window design. All other details will be protected.
  • Convenient Closing Options: When you order payroll checks with Ohio Envelope, you can have peel & seal or self-seal (latex) added.

Show your employees they are your No. 1 priority. Get your custom quote for payroll envelopes today. Click here.