Legal document envelopes are the perfect solution for ensuring your pertinent information is safe and secure whenever you, your business partners and colleagues, or your family need it.

Legal documents play a major role in our lives. From birth certificates and forms of identification, to last wills and testament forms, we need to protect these documents so the information remains intact for decades.

Additionally, legal documents can be of the utmost importance in a business setting, spelling out contracts and agreements, or securing mergers and acquisitions. Legal document envelopes may be necessary in bulk in a corporate setting.

You will want to choose the right legal document envelopes—ones you can trust with your most delicate documents. Here, we take a look at what you need when purchasing legal document envelopes.

Legal Document Envelope Must Haves

  1. High-End Stationery: Whether you prefer smooth cardstock or a marble crush finish, you will want to ensure your legal document envelopes are made from the highest quality papers. After all, your legal documents contain some of your most personal or financially important information, so why would you want anything other than the best when it comes to protecting them?
  2. The Sizes You Need: From corporate contracts to will covers and travel documents to succession agreements, legal documents vary in size and shape. Make sure you find a vendor that can supply you the right size legal document envelopes every time, no matter your needs.
  3. Options for Security Tint: Legal documents contain important information, but more often than not, they also contain personal or private information—potentially even confidential information. That is why you will want to find a provider that gives you the option for inside security tint for your legal document envelopes. You certainly would not want sensitive information revealed simply because you did not have a supplier you could trust to provide the right products at the right time.
  4. Sealant Choice: Just as legal information is personal, your penchant for envelope closures is also a personal preference. Legal document envelopes often have peel and seal or self-seal (also known as latex) closures added. Don’t hesitate to request your personal preference!

At Ohio Envelope, we understand the importance of your legal documents, from personal to professional, and everything in between. We guarantee a quality product and a quality experience. In fact, we are in constant contact with our customers until a job is complete – from quoting to order entry through manufacturing—and ask for clarity if needed at any step.

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