If you are looking for envelope converting services, Ohio Envelope has been converting for commercial printers and direct mail distributors for more than 80 years—no job is too big, too small, or too custom. If you have a need that deviates from commodity envelopes, we provide custom converted envelopes that will meet your unique specifications.

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Custom Envelope Converting

Envelope Converting Abilities

There are several reasons you may find your project requires custom envelopes. If that need includes anything with full coverage printing, it will likely need to be printed prior to cutting and folding.

Here are several capabilities Ohio Envelope provides for custom envelope converting:

  1. Full Color: While you and your team may pour your heart and soul into the contents of an envelope, never forget that the outside of the envelope is yet another blank canvas to help promote your messaging. Full-color imagery on one or both sides of the envelope should be a consideration for any collateral, invitation, or sales material. With the delicate application of ink required or the precise nature needed to create wrap-around images, custom envelope converting is often required.
  2. Unique Size: While there is a wide variety of standard envelope sizes and dimensions, your creative contents may not fit into simple, off-the-shelf envelopes. And to stand out in a jam-packed mailbox or on the desk of a busy CEO, a non-standard size may just do the trick.
  3. Inside Printing or Security Tint: Just as the outside of an envelope can be used to catch the eye of the beholder, the inside can also be utilized to make the recipient feel significant. Additionally, an inside security tint can help safeguard sensitive information within the envelope. Since inside printing needs to be done prior to folding, we can either print the inside image for you or convert your supplied, pre-printed stock.
  4. Embossing: Due to the unique folded shape of an envelope, embossing one side of the envelope will follow suit on the other side, as well. If you prefer just one side of an envelope have an embossed image, the envelope should be stamped pre-conversion.
  5. Custom Windows: Of course you can find standard envelopes with delivery address windows. But should you need envelopes with one or more die-cut custom window options, envelope converting services have you covered.

Envelope Converting For Pieces As Unique As Your Business

Whether you are running a sales and marketing campaign or sending invitations for an upcoming high-priced gala, custom envelope converting is the perfect way to catch your intended audience’s eyes. Whether your project requires improved function or an instant impact, Ohio Envelope’s converting services can deliver exceptional results.

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