Let’s face it, people are busy. Consumers, while they will spend hours researching products and services, they still want the path of least resistance for purchasing or making payments. And when it comes to soliciting a response for a survey or similar business need, participation dwindles even further. However, there is a business tactic that can help ensure you receive the response you need: business reply envelopes.

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Business Reply Envelopes

Why Consider Business Reply Mail Envelopes

Of course, providing your target market or customers prepaid reply envelopes may take an extra step in planning and a little extra budget, but the benefits are absolutely worth it. Why? Here are several reasons:

  1. Quick Turnaround: Every day counts when the health of your business relies on timely payments. Business reply envelopes help paying customers send checks on time every time.
  2. Ease: If you’re asking for donations or survey responses, you need to make it as easy as possible for your recipients to oblige. When there is little in it for them, remove every extra step possible. Business reply mail options do just that.
  3. Professionalism: People trust brands that look and act in a professional manner. With professionally printed business reply envelopes, it solidifies your standing in buyers’ minds, helping to ensure their response.
  4. Courtesy: When you are asking for something in return, courtesy reply envelopes are the right thing to do.

Business Reply Envelopes: The Basics

Think of business reply mail as the company or party needing the response providing all elements necessary for the recipient to take the desired action—including a pre-addressed postcard or envelope back to the supplier with pre-paid postage.

The United States Postal Service explains that business reply envelopes are often most effective for “direct marketers seeking to encourage orders, researchers needing survey responses or magazine publishers soliciting subscriptions.” However, there are plenty of other creative ways businesses, charities and others can benefit from business reply mail. Consider a referral program using business reply envelopes or a fundraising campaign that makes it hard to say no.

Business reply envelopes have strict standards for format, markings and addressing, according to the USPS, so it is often best to work with a partner like Ohio Envelope Manufacturing Company to ensure your requests don’t just get to your recipients, but their responses get back to you quickly and safely.

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